One Day in Fukuoka

Last Friday I went to Fukuoka with some friends. We were in the middle of our quarter break, and we didn’t know that apparently it was also a national holiday. No wonder the bus was almost fully booked when did the reservation.

The journey started at around 8. Well actually we promised to take the 7-ish bus, but I overslept (LOL) so I took the next bus with another friend.

It took 2 hours and 2000 yen to reach Fukuoka from Beppu. After arriving at Tenjin, Fukuoka’s well-known shopping district, we met some other friends at H&M. The girls were shopping crazily as there was a huge discount, while I decided to grab some onigiri in Seven Eleven across the shop. Yup, shopping is just not my stuff.

one intersection in Tenjin area

We had udon for lunch and continued the journey to IKEA, which was sooooo far away from Tenjin. We used a 700 yen round-trip ticket to get there.

Tenjin Bus Center-IKEA round trip ticket

the building, with mysterious bread-like smell came out of it

It was already dark when we were back in Tenjin. Since we only had a few hours left, we directly moved to Canal City for dinner. We took the city bus which costs only 100 hundred yen wherever you get off.

canal city
watching fountain show after dinner

We walked to our last stop, Hakata Station. It was really good to feel warm weather and to see many people walking around the street. The things we couldn’t find in Beppu at the moment. :p

Hakata Station looked amazing with lights and Christmas decoration. We took some photos before heading to the bus center.

hakata station
the entrance

time to say goodbye 😦

So that was how we spent one fine autumn day in Fukuoka. Now we’re refreshed and ready to face the new quarter! Yosh!


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