Korea Trip Day 1: Incheon Airport, N Seoul Tower

Long time no blog!

From now on I’ll share some stories about my summer trip to Seoul and Busan in Korea. This is my second “big” trip with Dea, after our 12-day adventure in Tokyo last year. However, one of our senior joined our trip this time.

On Friday, September 6, we got on the plane from Osaka Kansai Airport at 2 pm and arrived at Incheon Airport at 4 pm. Right after landing, we went to the airport train station and bought Arex (Airport Express) ticket to go to downtown Seoul. Our guesthouse was located in Myeongdong, but since there is no direct train to Myeongdong Station, we took the one going to Seoul Station instead. One ticket costs 8000 won.

Airport Express

From Seoul Station, we took subway to Myeongdong Station. It was a little bit tough to move to the subway platform since Seoul Station was very hectic and we were with our luggage. The subway train was also very packed with ajumma (half-aged women), just like in dramas. One thing I suddenly realized was that unlike Japanese people, Koreans are more “violent” in terms of trying to get their way in the middle of the crowd.

Seoul Station

We checked into Namsan Guesthouse at around 6 pm. The guesthouse is really close to Myeongdong Station exit. After putting our luggage, we went outside to find some food. I’ve heard that Korea is a food heaven, yet I wondered if there were many choices for halal/vegetarian food. The first restaurant we went in proved that my worry was useless: I could eat a super yummy kimchi cheese fried rice.

Restaurant in Myeongdong

Knowing that we can reach N Seoul Tower just by walking straight up the hill, we ate dinner in Myeongdong and walked to the tower right away. N Seoul Tower is indeed very beautiful at night. Moreover, riding the cable car, we can see Seoul’s night view clearly. Even thought we had to wait quite long for the cable car, the experience was totally worth it.

N Seoul Tower

Besides the observation deck we also visited Teddy Bear Museum I and II inside the tower. Museum I shows Korean history through Teddy Bear dioramas while Museum II shows modern Korea. There are also a shop selling Teddy Bear merchandise.

Psy in front of Teddy Bear Museum II

Our first day was ended by our first attempt of Banana Uyu or Banana Milk. To be honest it was not that “wow”, yet I liked the taste.

Banana Milk

Stay tuned for our second day!



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