Korea Trip Day 2: Heyri Art Village, Hongdae, Edae, Myeongdong

We started our second day in South Korea by riding a bus to a city near Seoul called Paju. Our first destination was Heyri Art Village. Following guidance from Visit Seoul website, we rode a bus from Hapjeong Station. It was a little bit confusing because there was no schedule on the bus stop, but we didn’t need to wait that long. The bus ride took around 1 hour.

In front of the bus stop

Another difference I found between Seoul and Japan is, the bus drivers in Seoul are more impatient than those in Japan. Well, this might not happen every time, but I was upset that the bus driver just closed the bus door before we step out of the bus. The good thing is, there are several bus stops around Heyri Art Village, so we could actually get off at the next bus stop.


Personally speaking, the village was not as amazing as I expected. It doesn’t look like being maintained properly–maybe because not many foreigners come. I didn’t regret going there, though, since we found something interesting: Trick Art Museum! We initially planned to visit the one in Hongdae, but since we were there anyway, we just got in and took thousands of pictures.

Tric Art

After getting ourselves chilled in Farmer’s Table cafe, we went back to Seoul. This time we were heading to Hongdae to meet Dea’s high school friend. She is currently studying Korean language at Seoul National University. Our main destination was Hello Kitty cafe, so we headed there right after lunch. I had Sundubu Chigae (tofu soup) for lunch, anyway.

Sundubu chigae

Hello Kitty cafe was super cute! I had a cup of green tea latte with Hello Kitty face on top. Another good thing: the price was not that high even cheaper than other famous cafes in Seoul.

The cutest calling machine ever

Our next top was Hongdae’s neighboring university, Ehwa Women’s University or Edae. We were amazed by the architecture of the university which was… fabulous. After taking pictures, we strolled around and grab some cheap bags sold in the shopping area around Edae campus.

Ehwa Women’s University

I actually wanted to go to Yeouido to visit KBS and MBC building that night, but according to Dea’s friend, the place was quite far from Edae. Since we did not have much time to explore Myeongdong the day before, we decided to get back to Namsan Guesthouse for a while and walked straight to Myeongdong.

SPAO by SM Entertainment

We tried to find Siwon’s Twosome Coffee but it turned out that the map we got was wrong: it lead us to another Twosome Coffee. Were we finally able to find the right one? Keep reading my next posts to know the answer!


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