Korea Trip Day 3: Gwanghwamun, Insadong, Konkuk University, Apgujeong

Our third day was probably the best day I had in Korea. The calm and relaxing Cheonggyecheon opened the perfect day. There are lots of ways to go there. In our case, we went to Gwanghwamun Station and got out at exit 8. Since we planned to go to so many places that day, we didn’t walk through the whole stream. Still, we felt relaxed by the sound of water in the morning.


We walked from Cheonggyecheon to Gwanghwamun Square. Here we took pictures with King Sejong and another famous person (I forgot the name lol). I was amazed by the fact that all these things were located in the middle of Seoul, a hectic metropolitan city.

Gwanghwamun Square

Our next destination was Gyeongbokgung Palace. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time (and money), we just looked around the outer part of the palace without entering it. Still, we managed to see guard-changing performance which is held every hour, even though we did not plan to arrive at 11 sharp.

Guard-changing Ceremony

Behind Gyeongbokgung, there is the National Museum of Korea. Further behind, we can find Bukchon Hanok Village and Samcheon-dong. Again, because of the limited time, we only walked through some parts of the famous areas.


We had lunch in Insadong, a road famous with unique food stalls and traditional Korean merchandise. Of course we also took the chance to buy souvenirs. I did not count the price carefully but according to Dea, the seller gave us a little bit of discount. We also went to starbucks which is located at the end of the road.

Ssaemzzigil in Insadong

Next, we took the subway to Konkuk University Station. This station is not located underground, though. Getting out at exit 2, we tried to find Yesung’s Mouse and Rabbit Cafe. I was afraid we could not find it since I didn’t prepare proper map and there was no wifi connection to find one either. Luckily we could find the place which is actually not located on the main road.

Mouse and Rabbit

Getting into the cafe, I was so excited to see Yesung’s (handsome) younger brother which was standing behind the cash register. Unfortunately, costumers are not allowed to take pictures around that area. Knowing this rule, I just ordered a cup of (again) green tea latte then we went to find seats. Then suddenly I was shocked because Yesung was outside! Pardon me for being an over-excited fan girl but that moment was just so precious. What made me more excited was that Yesung asked “apa kabar” or “how are you” in Indonesian!

Again, green tea latte

I was still in my fan girl mode when we moved to Cheongdam Station. Yes, we were ready to find Cube, JYP, and SM Entertainment buildings. We definitely could not go inside but at least my fan girl soul was relieved to be “separated by my idols with only a layer of wall”. The good thing: we could see Henry from Super Junior M! After a long wait, of course. And we could only see his back and blonde hair.

SM Old Building

Being hungry after waiting for some “virtual boyfriends” outside SM Building (the new one, of course, because the old SM Building is currently under reconstruction), we caught a taxi and went to Donghae’s Grill5 Taco. Yes, he just opened this restaurant a while ago. Maybe this explains why we didn’t find any sign that shows Donghae’s possession there–unlike Mouse and Rabbit which was full of his photos.


Super Junior was in Turkey at that moment so we couldn’t meet anyone but Yesung (who is in Korea to fulfill his community service obligation). Nevertheless, I could sleep very well at that night–with a beautiful dream, of course.


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