Korea Trip Day 4: Nami Island, Itaewon

Before going to our main destination for the day, we went to (re-)find Siwon’s Twosome Place cafe in Myeongdong. Thank God we made it to the right place this time. Apparently the cafe does not belong to Siwon anymore, even though an art installation created by him and a Korean artist was still displayed there.

Nami Island was probably our most-awaited destination. Before leaving Japan, I browsed some travel blogs to find alternative ways to go to this island. Even though shuttle bus from Insadong and ITX (high-speed train) seemed to be much faster and more convenient, we decided to take usual train since it’s the cheapest way to reach Nami Island.

Gapyeong Station

From Myeongdong station, we took subway to Sangbong Station and transferred to the train line. Our last stop was Gapyeong Station. According to a blog article, there are shuttle buses available to reach Nami Island as well as Petite France, a French-styled tourist spot nearby. Unfortunately, we went to wrong bus stop, and the next bus was coming an hour after. Eventually we took a cab to reach Nami Island. (To those planning to go by bus, just wait at the bus stop in front of Gapyeong Station, NOT the one accross the street).

The Ticket

The taxi driver took us to Gapyeong Wharf where we were supposed to take ferry to Nami Island. The taxi costs really cheap, under 3000 won (about 300 yen). For us, who’ve lived in a country where a taxi ride costs above 600 yen, this is very relieving. After getting of we bought Nami Island ticket which includes the ferry fare.

The Ferry

It was already late when we finally reached Nami Island. Knowing that we didn’t have much time to explore the island,  just started walking around right away. According to the map we got before, there is a Muslim prayer room near restaurant area, so we stopped there and prayed before continuing our stroll.

Where we prayed

After praying we went to find some food for lunch. It was already 3 pm so we were starving. Unfortunately, the price of food there was much more expensive than the ones we found in Seoul. I only grabbed a kimchi pancake which tastes not bad.

Korean Pancake

The island was full of memorabilias from Winter Sonata, an early-2000s drama. However, my most favorite spot was NMBC studio which was a mock studio for MBC. We could play with broadcasting cameras and even took photos with Yoo Jae Suk!

Posing with Jaesuk Ajussi

Before leaving the island, Dea got invited by her friends to have dinner at Itaewon. This place was not in our itinerary, but I personally wanted to explore the place. So we said yes and went to Itaewon station after buying KTX ticket at Seoul Station.


We had dinner at an Indonesian restaurant named Siti Sarah. The atmosphere of the restaurant reminded us, three “Japanese” and two “Koreans” of Indonesian small restaurants. I had Opor Ayam or chicken curry and Es Kelapa or coconut ice.

Siti Sarah

Before getting back to Myeongdong, Dea’s friends (one Seoul University language student and one Korea University engineering student) brought us to an international food shop nearby. Yes, Itaewon is famous as a place where foreigners live. That is why there are so many halal restaurants in the area.

My all-time favorite Teh Botol!

I felt both excited and sad that night, knowing that it was our last night in Seoul.