Winter Trip Part I: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

Hello world!

It’s time to reveal what I did during last winter break!

Well, the first four days were actually spent with my family, who came here to visit me and my brother. 😀 After they went back to Indonesia, I stayed in and around Tokyo for an Indonesian traditional performance on January 4th. So these are basically the things I did before the performance preparation started!

Day 1

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki City

Dorami ❤

It had always been my dream to meet Doraemon, Nobita, and Gian. Now that the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum is open, I was so excited to go there.

How to go: get off at Shukugawara station then walk for about 15 minutes or at Noborita station then take the shuttle bus

Ticket price: 1000 yen (bought in Lawson convenience store–you have to pick the entrance hour when buying the tickets)

The ticket

The museum was surprisingly not so big. Since I came on school holiday, I met many cute kids inside. It was a relief, though, that I went there with same age friends. Otherwise, I would have been the oldest visitor, LOL.

Before starting our journey inside the museum, we were lent handy talkies that serve as our virtual tour guides. Confused between English or Japanese, we ended up choosing Kids’ Japanese for the language of instruction.

Inside, we could see Fujiko F. Fujio’s sketches and collections, not only from Doraemon but also other cartoon series. Unfortunately, photographs were prohibited inside. 😦

I personally liked the outdoor mini-park better than the indoor museum, because I could walk through the doko-demo-doa and of course, meet my childhood best friends.

The outdoor park
Childhood friends

Before going home, I took a piece of purikura (Japanese photo box) with my high school bestie.


If you want to taste the infamous memory bread, or Doraemon’s all-time favorite dorayaki, you can buy them at the souvenir shop. I didn’t buy any of them, though, but some postcards instead.

After all, all the cuteness and childhood memories were totally worth a piece of 1000 yen!




Wow. Can’t believe it’s 2014 already.

Just want you to know, here’s the link to my post on Japanese Tourism Association blog:

Please enjoy!

Oh, and I have maaaany stories to share about my Tokyo and Nagano trip last holiday, so please visit my blog often!