Winter Trip Part II: My First Ski Experience

Day 2-4

Kitashiga Komaruyama Ski and Snowboard

On the night of my second day in Tokyo, I went to Nagano for the first ski in my life! This time I joined PMIJ (Japan-Indonesia Muslim Brotherhood), so I only had to pay less than 20 thousand yen (the normal price could be way more expensive). Plus, I could meet many new Indonesian friends from many other cities in Japan.

The Resort

We left Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo at around 11 pm and arrived at Kitashiga Resort at 6 in the morning. The snow was falling when we came, creating a very romantic view. After praying and having breakfast, we went straight to the ski rental room. We entered the room one by one to get our jackets, pants, goggles, beanies, and of course, ski boards and sticks. The jackets and pants were very tick that I didn’t feel any cold even despite only wearing a piece of shirt and leggings inside.

The Ski Board

As a first-timer, I felt super nervous walking with the ski board. My friend taught me some basic steps yet I wasn’t brave enough to try going to the top with the cable car. However, after seeing little kids having fun with their snowboards, I was “inspired” to try.

Cute, brave little kiddos

The cable car ride was fun, but apparently, I getting off of it was really not easy. After trying hard to get up, I tried sliding my body down the hill and… fell down again. It took almost an hour for me to be able to stand up and go down again. Of course I didn’t slide right to the bottom. I finally reached the end after several ups and downs, which sometimes hurt. 😦

the cable car

Despite falling down again and again, I kept riding the cable car. On the first day, I went to the top three times, and four times on the second day. However, knowing that it would still take time to go down no matter hard I tried, I decided to just enjoy the snow for several minutes before standing up. I took several photos too, which turned out to be amazing! No, I’m not saying my photos are. The mountains, trees, and snow make everything looked so perfect. Maashaa Allah.


The view ❤

Well, other than the excitement, muscular pain, and fluffy snow, skiing also gave me a good lesson: you don’t need to rush to reach your goal ; just take your time and enjoy each step. What a good one to end 2013!