Winter Trip Part III: The Most Expensive Sushi I’ve Ever Eaten

Tokyo Day 2: Tsukiji Fish Market

the market

So this is actually what I did on my second day in Tokyo, before leaving for Nagano later at night.

Those of you who has been to Tokyo must known this place. The most well-known attraction of Tsukiji Fish Market is its tuna auction. Unfortunately, the auction was suspended when I went there, perhaps due to the year-end holiday.

the car reminded me of segway

Before entering Daiwa, the restaurant, we had to queue for about 2 hours. Interestingly, almost all people standing with us were foreigners. One Japanese ojisan even said out loud in Japanese, “am I the only Japanese here?” Well, you maybe are, sir.

Entering the restaurant, bar to be exact, we sat in front of the sushi makers. He was a nice, friendly guy. He asked me and my friend about where we came from while preparing the sushi set that we ordered. The set consists of 10 different kinds of sushi, 1 piece each. The taste was… amazing. I mean, a-ma-zing. Accompanying the set, came a cup of miso soup added with clams. As a seafood lover, I felt heaven.

the set

The price for the set was 3800 yen. Literally the most expensive sushi I’ve ever eaten, but it was all worth it. Especially considering how we had to wait in front of the sushi bar since 7:30 in the morning.

a giant fish

After eating, we went to the Buddhist Cultural Center on the main street of Tsukiji. It was a Buddhist temple which looks more like a church from outside.

Buddhist Cultural Center



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