Kyushu Trip Part II: The Beautiful Nagasaki

On the second day of our trip, we went to Nagasaki, another city in Kyushu. In the morning we went to Beppu Station to buy a 7000 yen 3-day ticket which can be used to go all aorund Northern Kyushu. This ticket is especially sold for foreigners, including foreign students like the three of us.

According to hyperdia, we had to change train in Hakata Station in Fukuoka. We got off the at Kokura Station hoping to get on the shinkansen (super-fast bullet train) so that we could arrive at Hakata earlier.  Unfortunatey, our ticket could not be used for shinkansen, so we ended up waiting for another train to Hakata.

Doria for lunch, nom nom

It was already past 12 pm when we arrived at Nagasaki Station. Before having lunch at Royal Host, we bought Nagasaki tram ticket which can be used everywhere around the city and costs 600 yen.

Inside the tram



Our first stop was the famous Peace Park. This park is full of statues for commemorating atomic bombing to Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. We also went to the Atomic Bomb Museum not far from the park. It was my seond time at the museum, yet I could still feel the same heartbreak I felt when I first came. Both the park and the museum could really portrait the pain of atomic bomb victims.

The famous Peace Statue

Before moving to our next destination, we stopped by a cathedral named Urakami Cathedral. We found it interesting that Japanese people prayed there in their Buddhist-Shinto way, even though they were praying at a cathedral. We didn’t realized that they were praying for 3/11 Great Earthquake even though we heard a loud sound of sirene. After asking one of the visitors, we then found out that it was the exact time of the earthquake three years ago.

Urakami Cathedral

We iniatilly planned to go to Glover Garden, a beautiful garden at one peak of Nagasaki, but the train schedule forced us to go directly to the Nagasaki Ropeway. Nevertheless, I was not upset at all because it was my first time riding the ropeway.

On the way to the top

The ropeway ride to Mount Inasa reminded me a lot about the way up to Namsan Tower in Seoul. However, I have to admit that the view up the mountain was much more beautiful in Nagasaki. We also came right at sunset time, which enabled us to watch the beautiful sunset from above. Apparently, the night view from Mount Inasa is ranked third in the world, after the ones in Hongkong and Monaco.

Stunning. Subhanallah.

Our Nagasaki trip was ended by our all-time “favorite” Lotteria Shrimp Burger. Still we felt satisfied to be able to watch the beauty of Nagasaki.