Kyushu Trip Part III: Yufuin and Mojiko

This is the last part of my Kyushu Trip. Make sure to read the first and second parts too!

Our first destination of the day was Yufuin, which is located right next to Beppu.

But first, let us take a selfie.

Yufuin is famous for its beautiful scenery and unique shops. Many shops are selling well-known characters such as Snoopy or Studio Ghibli characters. 

Cute shops
Who wants to go with me?
Hello Tottoro!

Another well-known feature of Yufuin is Kinrin-ko or Lake Kinrin. It only takes around 10 minutes to walk from Yufuin Station to this tranquil, peaceful lake.

No filter! (1)
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We felt so blessed that the weather was so nice when we were there. However, since we came on the transition between winter and spring, we could not catch either the snowy white color or the pinkish sakura blossom color when taking pictures.

Since we planned to go to two places on that day, we only stayed for a few hours in Yufuin. Arriving back at Yufuin station, we found a special train called “Yufuin no Mori”  which looks like a classic train. At first we thought we couldn’t get on it with our 7000-yen pass, but luckily we were wrong. Only with an additional 500 yen we could ride the train to Oita station, before moving to another train to our next destination, Mojiko.

Yufuin no Mori

I was very excited to go to Mojiko because I had never been there before. I heard the port town was great, and my eyes proved it to be true. There are so many classical buildings which look so European. There is even a building where Einstein used to stay when he visited Japan!

Mojiko station
One of the buildings

We got the chance to watch the opening of Blue Wing Moji, a bridge that can be divided when ships need to go through it. However, to be honest, the bridge was much smaller than I thought.

Blue Wing Moji

Being too excited, I didn’t notice that all museums in this town, including the JR train museum, are closed every second Wednesday of the month–I didn’t even notice it WAS the second Wednesday of March! As the result, we weren’t able to do anything except taking pictures. 

The closed museum

In order to cheer ourselves, we decided to go to Costco, which is located in the same city which is Kitakyushu-shi. Unfortunately the city was so dark at night and Costco is located quite far away from the station. Well, I guess it’s far away from everything.

Well I didn’t blur it on purpose, so…

Being in the middle of two tired buddies, I tried to share my excitement to my friends by telling them the stuff we would probably found inside. However, another unfortunate event happened: no one can enter Costco without the membership card.

Well, even though the end of our journey was pretty bad, at least there were also many things we could enjoy. After all, YOLO! 😀