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“Home is where the heart is,” says a proverb. This might be true. In fact. I have been confused of what I should call “home” ever since I left my first “home”.

Before July 2008, I always thought the place I grew up with my two brothers was my only “home”. Yet, since I entered a boarding school called Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Insan Cendekia Serpong, I started to feel of that place as my “home” as well. I remember saying “oh I gotta go home now” unconsciously every time my once-in-two-weeks break was going to end, even though I was technically at “home”. My mom couldn’t even understand why I chose to hang out with high school friends on long holidays–knowing that I would meet them when school started anyways.

September 2011 marked another beginning of the change in my perspective of “home”. As much as I hate it, I must admit that Beppu city has been my third “home”. Three years there doesn’t automatically make me know everything about the city, but at least I now consider it a comfort zone.

And now that I’m far away from all of my “homes”, should I start being homesick?

(Celebrating two weeks of living in Seoul, three years after flying to Beppu, and six years after meeting my new family at Insan Cendekia)


7 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Hihi. Home gw banyak ca 🙂
        Btw, di sini kalo tau gw org indo, pada nanya “Indonesianya dimana?”. Terus gw bingung gitu balesnya, Lampung kah, atau Depok karena kampus gw di Depok. Huehue. Soalnya ga ada yg percaya org keturunan minang yg harusnya melayu juga tapi ga ada logat2nya samsek -_-

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