Life in Seoul #1: How I Could Appear on Arirang TV


First of all, let me thank my forever-partner-in-crime, Isna, for letting me know that Arirang TV needed some foreigners to appear on their show.

It was a usual afternoon after class when Isna sent me a Line message about the recruitment. Being hyper-excited, I emailed the After School Club team saying that I wanted to join their Chuseok Special pre-recording. The team replied my email right away, asking me about my personal data and stuff, but then I didn’t get any further notification whether I was accepted.

Up until two days later, which was the day before the show, I still wasn’t sure if I was in. So I told Isna not to be upset. Maybe I could join some other events later. But wow, at around 10 pm, they sent me a reminder mail! Being  crazy fan girl that I am, I started writing letters and preparing gifts for the MCs (Eric Nam, Kevin from UKISS, Park Jimin from 15&) and of course the guest stars, the 3 members of Royal Pirates!

The next day, I found myself wandering around Nambu Bus Terminal. The ASC team was kind enough to tell us where to go and what to ride, so after finding the right bus terminal, I just took it and went straight to the Arirang building. I even arrived here at 1 pm even though we were asked to come at 2 pm.

At 2 pm, a girl form the ASC team came out to check us, followed by another girl. They weren’t only fluent in English, they were also very kind!

The shooting itself started from around 3:30. I couldn’t stop myself from being starstruck. Thank God I could make it until the end of the show, and even made a request for Jimin.

Even though the Royal Pirates had to leave right away, I could take some selfies with Eric, Kevin, and Jimin. They were super nice! Kevin even waved his hands to us from his car when we were outside the building getting ready to go home.

Last but not least, here’s where you can watch (me on) the show!


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