Life in Seoul #2: Day Trip to Suwon

Have you heard about Chuseok? Universally translated as Korean Thanksgiving, it is a 3-day holiday where Korean people gather with their relatives. I originally planned to spend the holiday in Incheon, but a friend of mine invited me to join her to Suwon instead. For your information, both Incheon and Suwon are located outside of Seoul area.

Before the holiday started, we reserved two seats for the Suwon CIty Tour from this website. The process was really simple, and we didn’t even required to pay any deposit fee.

On D-Day, we took subway from Anam to Suwon station. Despite taking the wrong subway once, we managed to arrive in less then 2 hours. Before riding the bus, we went to Suwon Tourist Information Center to confirm our attendance, pay 8000 won (student price), and get the tickets.

We also got a "name tag"
We also got a “name tag”

The city tour itself began at 2 pm. Our first destination was Haewoojae, a house which is shaped like a closet. On the way, we could listen to recorded guides in English and Japanese. However, the live guide was actually only in Korean, even though we knew the guide could speak English. Nevertheless, we were amused by the unique statues representing the history of Korean toilets in this first destination.

Just look at the picture
Just look at the picture
This is only one of the unique statues
This is only one of the unique statues

Next, we headed to Suwon fortress. This time the only-Korean explanation frustrated us a bit because the site was all about Korean history. Luckily the guide was kind enough to approach us and give short explanations in English.

The guide
The guide
They say the water looks like a rainbow
They say the water looks like a rainbow

After going around the fortress, we went to an archery field. With only an additional 2000 won we could do the archery ourselves. I was a little bit nervous since it was my first archery experience, but there was an instructor who told us what to do in simple English so I could do it quite easily.

My first attempt on archery!
My first attempt on archery!

Our last destination was Suwon museum. Since the time was very limited we could not see a lot of stuff but at least we could use the toilet. πŸ˜€

We arrived back at Suwon station at around 5 pm. After dinner, we went back to Anam station in Seoul.


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