Life in Seoul #7: Daehak-ro, Ihwa Mural Village, Dongdaemun

I wish I could walk to Bali

With the aim of releasing stress after midterm exams, I went to visit Ihwa Mural Village last Friday. I saw the reviews about this  residential area on other people’s blog, and I thought it would be interesting to see by myself. Plus, I had a good time wandering around Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan last year (even though I forgot to write the story on this blog :p) and I wanted to check out the “Seoul version” of that village.

Getting off at Hyehwa station, and getting out through exit 2, I found myself walking on Daehak-ro (or Daehangno), which literally means “University Street”. The street feels so artistic, partly because of the red shades of fall season.

Daehak-ro (1)
Daehak-ro (2)
Daehak-ro (3)

For some reason I saw many groups of high school students in their uniform walking along the street. I assume there were doing campus visit because the university entrance exam will be held in November.

Korean high school students

After walking for about 5 minutes, I found signs showing how to reach Ihwa Mural Village. Anyone can easily follow the signs, which I think lead to some different points. Apparently the way I was taking led me to Naksan Park first. From here you can see Seoul from above. The sky was not so clear when I was there, though.

Naksan Park
Seoul from above

After walking up for 3-4 minutes I finally arrived at the mural village. Well, I don’t think words can describe the village better than pictures, so here you go…

Ihwa Mural Village (1)
Ihwa Mural Village (2
Ihwa Mural Village (3)
Ihwa Mural Village (4)
Ihwa Mural Village (5)

Getting back down, I initially had no idea of where to go next. But then I saw a sign saying “Dongdaemun Historical Park”. Without further thinking, I just walked down the street following the signs.


And, here’s where I ended up shopping at! Dongdaemun! (p.s. the shopping malls in Dongdaemun actually sell similar pieces of clothes, so make sure to check out different places before deciding to buy anything. That way you wouldn’t be upset of finding something cheaper than what you just bought :p)

Dongdaemun area

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