Life in Seoul #9: Seoraksan, Seoul Lantern Festival

I had to queue for a pose with this statue

Seoraksan is a national park in Gangwon-do, South Korea. This place is famous not only for hikers but also for “usual travelers” who wish to see the beautiful scenery especially in autumn. I, of course, belong to the latter.

I took the Gangwon Shuttle Bus which only costs 5,000 won for a round-trip journey between Seoul and Seoraksan. This is not only cheap but also super convenient. The bus departs from Gwanghwamun at 8 a.m. and leaves Seoraksan at 4 p.m.

Seoraksan National Park entrance

The bus arrived at Seoraksan at around 10:30. After paying 2,500 won for the entrance fee, I took a long walk around the national park. It was raining but not hard so I could still enjoy the colors of autumn while being surrounded by trees. The stream with clear water that I passed by was also very calming.

Very autumn-ish
Simply beautiful

One of the attractions which is very close to the entrance of Seoraksan is Sinheungsa temple. The main point of this temple is a giant Buddha statue which is made of bronze.

The statue

I continued walking around until I found the cable car station. Even though the weather was not clear, I wanted to give it a try. A round trip ticket costs 9,000. Unfortunately it was too foggy that I could barely see anything on the way up.

Cable car ticket

I tried to look down from the observatory but it was still foggy. While waiting for the sky to be clearer, I sat down and had some ice cream. One random thing that I found, though, was an Indonesian coffee sack posted on the coffee shop wall.


The fog started to go away when I rode the cable car back down. This time I could see a very beautiful combination of green, yellow, and red. Subhanallah. Oh, and what made the atmosphere inside the cable car more dramatic was probably the 70s-80s love songs being played inside. Too bad my company that day was a group ajumma (Korean middle-aged women) instead of cool guys. Oops, sorry ajumma!

The view from the cable car

I still had quite a lot of time to spend before the bus came, but since the rain had stopped, I sat on one of the benches near the entrance and had the convenience store kimbap that I bought in the morning. There were some restaurants and coffee shops in and around the park, but there were a bit pricy. Kimbap is like the best choice to save money without being hungry, lol.

One of the coffee shops inside the park

Around an hour before the bus was scheduled to come, I walked outside the national park area and saw some five-star hotels. One of them has a Double Decker parked on its front yard! It’s a bit random but yeah, at least people can try riding it without having to go to London.

Double Decker

Arriving back at Gwanghwamun, I crossed the street to Cheonggyecheon stream. That day was the first day of Seoul Lantern Festival which is located along the stream. Since it was a Friday night, the place was crowded by Korean young people and families. Alhamdulillah I still managed to take some pictures despite having to squeeze myself among the crowd sometimes.

Dragon Ship
The soldiers

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