Life in Seoul #13: SM Town at COEX Artium

Welcome to the last post of “Life in Seoul” series!

A yo GG!

This post is about SM Town at COEX Artium, a newly built “heaven” for KPOP fans, especially the fans of SM Entertainment’s artists. The 5-floor building is located right across Exit 5 of Samseong Station.

EXO’s MV played on the first floor

On the second floor, there is a shop selling merchandise from SM’s well-known artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), and of course EXO. The price ranges from 2000 won for small stuff like pins to 70,000 won for t-shirts and bags. Since I came only one day after the soft opening, the shop was still crowded by dedicated SM fans. I was luck to be able to get in directly because when I left the shop, I saw staffs giving out queue number for new visitors.

SM fans, ready to shop
one of the products

The 3rd floor is for a saloon and a studio, but it is not yet completed. I can imagine how crowded it will be after the launching in January.

under construction

On the 4th floor, there is a pop-up cafe selling desserts and drinks which are inspired by the artists. The one I tried was Red Velvet Cupcake, which is obviously aimed for the Red Velvet fans (even though I’m not). What makes this cafe special is, while reading, visitors can enjoy books and magazines about Super Junior, EXO, and some other artists. Same tables are also occupied with music player that can play SM-produced songs.

the cupcakes! hmm
music player on the tables

As I said before, this place is still very new, so I can’t really judge if it’s really worth a visit. However, for someone who has been a fan of SM Entertainment for over 5 years, I would definitely go to this place again if I ever have a chance to go back to Seoul.


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