Back to school: A mid-semester reflection

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Loh Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia (taken March 2017)

H e l l o !

I know I’ve said this repeatedly on my previous posts but hey, I’m back again!

Some of you might have known that I, alhamdulillah, was chosen as an awardee for LPDP Scholarship from the Ministry of Finance. I initially planned to go to Germany, but things didn’t work out and long story short, here I am in Melbourne, Australia, pursuing my master’s degree on International Development.

People don’t lie when they say time flies. I am now already halfway through my first semester here. Most of my classes are held as intensives, meaning that I only need to go to school four times per class in a semester (each of the classes are as long as 6 to 7 hours). I will talk more on this system later on, insha Allah.

As for the classes, I am super grateful to be able to meet awesome lecturers and facilitators who’ve got interesting experiences from the development field, having worked either for NGOs or for Australian government before coming back to university to teach. I enjoy the classes mostly because I am given a lot of chance to share my personal experience growing up in a so-called “developing country” as well as listen to my classmates’ experiences (most of them are Australians or Australian permanent residents, making me one of a few students that are new to Australia).

Speaking  of experience, I think I’m starting to experience quarter life crisis. Only having classes once in a while gives me a lot of time to think about myself, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do in the future recently. Well, if you know me you’ll know that daydreaming has been my hobby since I was fifteen; but now that I’m 24, I feel like the daydreams are accompanied by more insecurities than ever. Sometimes I see myself as too childish (and selfish) because I haven’t really thought of having a steady job or buying a house or *cough* finding someone to marry.

Oh, and I still don’t know when my next update will take place (mostly due to my “busy” schedule of binge-watching youtube videos LOL) but I’d be happy to share this exciting journey towards obtaining master’s degree through my blog. If you have any questions on this please feel free to ask me!


6 thoughts on “Back to school: A mid-semester reflection”

  1. Mbaaaaa I can’t be more excited that I found your blog ..

    salam kenal. nama saya gadis, awardeee LPDP juga, heading to Aussie next July, and now looking for a place to stay, hehe.

    ada info akomodasi ngga mba ~

    1. Salam kenal juga, Mbak! Mbak sudah email lurah Melbourne? Nanti setelah email ke beliau Mbak bisa gabung di milis IndoMelb, di sana banyak tawaran akomodasi hehehe. Saya sendiri tinggal di salah satu student hostel di CBD, jadi kalau Mbak di RMIT city campus/UniMelb mungkin bisa saya kasih juga linknya 🙂

      1. Coba minta diinvite aja Mbak sama lurah Monashnya… Maaf ya kurang membantu soalnya saya ga terlalu familiar sama Monash hehehe. Semoga lancar persiapannya!

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